“I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile…then walk into a pole.”



Welcome to the author site of Brenna Lincoln. The site is new and still a work-in-progress like many of her novels. Come back soon to see what’s been updated or follow her blog and don’t miss a post.

About Me

Wish you were the heroine of your own romantic novel? I know I do.

I’m Brenna Lincoln, author of contemporary romance.

The discontinuation of my previous past time as a professional hockey spectator led me to a creative writing class and to the purchase of my first laptop. It’s nine years later and while I miss my seat in Section 10, Row H, Seats 1 and 2 sitting next to my step-father or husband, I’ve transferred my love of the sport into a few of my novels. Hockey players as heroes…yes, please.

Laughing is a must in my life (or else I would have married a different man) and what I read and write holds the same maxim. But love…that was a harder concept for me to understand, even after I said, “I do.”

Writing romance appeals to me because through the novels I can search for the answers to the questions; what does love look like? Is there such a thing as true love? Are a grieving drifter and an egocentric freeloader compatible? How do you have sex in a hammock? Since then, I’ve found more than one answer to my questions and I’m still exploring…always will be.

While I’m writing, searching, and laughing, I have a wonderful critique group who judges me weekly which somehow translates into better stories. I’m also a member of Maine Romance Writers with many inspirational authors to look up to.

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